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Innovative Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Meis Charge, established in 2022 under the umbrella of Melden Energy, operating in the fields of GES (Solar Power Plants), HES (Hydroelectric Power Plants), and RES (Renewable Energy Sources), aims to provide next-generation energy solutions.


Compatibility with All Models


Commercial and Multi-Use


Internet Connectivity


Management and Reporting


Fast Charging


Payment Management

What are the advantages of using Meis Charger?

Compliance with EU Standards: Meis Charger is compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that adhere to the EN61851 standard, as approved by the European Union
Fair Charging Management: In scenarios with multiple users, Meis Charger ensures fair charging management by billing users based on their usage, promoting equitable distribution of charging resources.
Convenient Online Management: All reporting, payment management, and station operations can be easily handled through the internet portal, providing station owners with efficient control over their charging infrastructure.
Remote Monitoring: By integrating our station network management system with software applications, we enable station owners to monitor and manage their stations from anywhere with an internet connection.
Fast Charging: Meis Charger is capable of charging up to 8 times faster than a standard wall outlet, providing enough power to travel 100 km in just one hour of charging.
Automatic Payments: Drivers can make automatic payments through credit cards linked to their application accounts. Accumulated charging service fees are then transferred to the station owner’s account.

Customized Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Owning an electric vehicle or considering the purchase of one opens up a broad range of applications from home to the workplace. We provide tailored solutions for both individual users and businesses.

Individual Systems

Commercial Systems

Compatible Brands

Our charging stations are compatible with a wide range of vehicle brands, ensuring that our users have reliable charging options for any vehicle they own.

End-to-End Charging Solutions

With our comprehensive end-to-end charging solutions and expanding charging station network, we continue to invest in promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Our goal is to provide our members with a seamless electric driving experience at affordable costs.